Not known Factual Statements About תגיש לי

This really is a wonderful literary challenge. Selecting up Each individual fragile piece back again into its area during the puzzle and recreating a shattered entire world and rebuilding it from scratch.

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For potential Tips, immediately after W, which im guessing you're going to future, you could possibly do the one particular on Andy Kaufmann (Tony Clifton), a click here Jewish-American comedian, or modify cursive so that it's in hebrew cursive. that will be an interesting twist

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..would want to meet up with you although touring there ,,,could not figure out how to succeed in you, but would also prefer to talk about the way to use your photos and correctly attribute them and so on Tip: Categorizing pictures[edit]

קבלתי פטור מאגרה בהוצאה לפועל ולא דחיה ( כמו שבדקתי אחרי שענית לי לשאלה ואמר תלי לבדוק)

מיכל, ההרשאות אינן כוללות כל התחייבות מצידך.. אבל יתרונן הוא גם בכך שכלי השחזור מסמן את העריכות ששחזרת כבדוקות, פעולת ביטול לא עושה זאת.

In case you designed this file, you should Be aware that The point that it has been proposed for deletion would not always necessarily mean that we do not benefit your type contribution. It simply just implies that a person particular person thinks that there is some specific dilemma with it, like a copyright challenge.

Hello, I was searching commons and I saw that somebody had translated an excerpt within the "5 Second Rule" comedian into Czech. I thought you may perhaps have an interest in this sort of stories thinking about you are doing precisely the same factor.

This picture displays Vienna (=Wien) not Nuremberg. (a similar image /even larger and with headline along with the story) It can't be Nuremberg, since from 1499 to 1850 it was not allowed there for Jewish individuals to become a citizen.

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